words2lifeWords 2 Life is a Collaboration of Designers, Marketers and Promoters,
dedicated to providing the Independent or Established Authors a cost effective production tool.
If this is your first attempt or an effort to excel your current career,
We have the Necessary Resources for Your Success.

We’ve developed a unique editing process that offers a full range of publishing services. From cover design and marketing packages to ebook formatting and even website design. The point is simple: Your Success is Our Success.

Bring Your Creation to The World

Try Our Sample Edit on a short piece of your writing. Your returned edit will include an individual quote for the full range of our services. In one Step, you discover important ways to improve your writing, you know what we can do for you, and you know what it costs to edit your project at the level you choose.

As an independent writer, you are on your own to find professional support. Get the help you need before you go to print. Deciding which services are right for you is easy.
Our Services Consultants are here to suggest the right services for your project.
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